21 Mar 16 - 30 Apr 16 | Gazelli Art House


21 Mar 16 - 30 Apr 16 | Gazelli Art House

Gazelli Art House


Memory of a Non-Place is a site-specific installation that reflects on the concept of travelling. The piece is composed by three images projected on a veil that is continuously oscillating. This organic movement is originated by three fans that allow the fabric to wave.

The projected photographic images, taken from a series of drawings entitled Memory of a Non-Place, feature a collection of non-referential drawings which guide the audience through an ebbing journey where traditional notions of time and identity cease to exist. Conveying the sea, Memory of a Non-Place blurs these boundaries, implying a sense of loss and fragmentation that is only enhanced by its repetition. These fragmented depictions of the sea tend to unite and erase its boundaries as the projected images oscillate on the veil creating an uncanny feeling of familiarity.

The installation tackles the relationship between the external and internal display of art, suggesting two distinct experiences. When standing outside the three depictions of the sea appear as still images. The viewer sees them from afar making the piece inaccessible. When inside, the installation offers a different reading. The viewer no longer feels detached. The oscillating images convey an uncertain sense of belonging. It is like invading an intimate space that soon embraces the viewer.

Memory of a Non-Place comes from the need to express a sense of lost identity raising thoughts about the nature of travelling and how it can lead us to question our own essence. The idea of moving from one place to another threatens the notion of a stable understanding of the self. Every time one moves there is something left behind. What remains creates space for other things to enter, making our identity an ever-changing narrative. Memory of a Non-Place is about the process of moving and its portrayal of a latent identity. It freezes that moment of passage, where we stand between one place and the other, between the past and the future.

Memory of a Non-Place won the Spring 2016 Gazelli Art House Window Project.

Ana Beatriz Fernandes came to Room One as part of our Residency Programme. She spent two moths working in our space and alongside our team as she developed Memory of a Non-Place, the series of drawings that later formed the basis of this site-specific installation.

To learn more about her residency at Room One click here.

Ana Beatriz Fernandes is a Portuguese artist based in London. Her work often raises questions around the themes of identity, memory and time. In most of her pieces Ana Beatriz explores the importance of the other in the understanding of the self, questioning the way personal identity is built when faced with an ever-growing multicultural and media dominated society. She expresses her thoughts through different mediums, such as drawing, photography and painting. Ana Beatriz has lived and worked in Lisbon, Budapest and London.

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